Harmonium, Inc.

News Notes for Harmonium Interns



*Since Carepaths is browser based when you open an uploaded document e.g. a PDF file, (not a document form) in Carepaths, in order to show it to you it must "download" it to your designated download folder.  When you are through viewing or printing the document you must delete it from your download folder in order to comply with HIPAA.  Leaving it in your download folder without encrypting it would be the same as leaving it on your desktop.  




When writing a group progress note, do not put in a billing code if the client has already been billed for the group, otherwise the client is billed for the whole cost of the group each time a progress note is approved.  When using a billing code for the group, use only one code, e.g. S8.  Do not use the code for Group and another code for the type of group or the client is double charged.  In cases where this has occured we are voiding the charges for the generic group code and leaving charges for the specific group code. 




In order to document both individual and couples therapy sessions, it is necessary to create an individual document that has the name of the couple as the client.  This will allow you to document three separate clients for a couple, the two individuals as separate clients and the couple as a separate client.  Although this does not provide an integrated document, it does allow the couple’s interactions a a couple to be documented separately from each client.  To name the couple client, use both last names in the last name field and both first names in the first name field.  Create a username that includes both first initials and both last names: e.g. m_m.james_jones for Mary James and Mike Jones.